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Assistant Women's Soccer Coach
Posted on 05-21-2015

Assistant Football Coach
Posted on 05-08-2015

Head Boys Basketball Coach
Posted on 04-29-2015

Assistant Football Coaches Receiver's Coach and a Linebacker Coach
New York
Posted on 05-06-2015

Boys’/Girls Cross Country head coach
Posted on 05-05-2015

Head Varsity Volleyball Coach
Posted on 04-15-2015

Assistant Women's Basketball Coach
South Carolina
Posted on 05-08-2015

Assistant Football Coach
Posted on 04-20-2015

Assistant Women's Ice Hockey Coach
New Jersey
Posted on 05-08-2015

Head Women's Volleyball Coach (part-time)
New Jersey
Posted on 05-12-2015

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"This position has been filled. Thanks for posting this information. Your assistance has been greatly appreciated!"
Michael Dunn-Reier,
Illinois Math and Science Academy
Aurora IL
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We believe the lessons taught by coaches about winning and losing, rebounding from failures and setbacks, trusting your teammates, sacrificing individual needs for the benefit of the team, are relevant on the field as well as off the field.

iCoachConnect wants every kid who plays organized sports to experience how a qualified coach and role model can make them better players and influence their lives in a very positive way. Countless student athletes' lives have been changed for the better by the positive influence of their coaches.

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